Get to know our story

Valentina Lopez La Bonbonniere Bakery

Our story is one of those that seems destined to be. La Bonbonniere Bakery was born in 2016 in a small town in Venezuela called Punto Fijo, under the guidance of its pastry chef, Valentina Lopez. It operated there for years until, for reasons not as sweet as our cookies, this lovely project had to be put on hold. Years later, Valentina met Ludwing, a physiotherapist with years of experience in the field, a health professor, and an author of health books who had decided to completely change his life and venture into the restaurant industry.

Valentina and Ludwing, both originally from Venezuela but reunited in Charlotte, North Carolina, began a relationship and a family. A few months after the birth of their first child, Valentina decided to dust off her dream of La Bonbonniere Bakery, and together with her now-husband Ludwing, they embarked on this beautiful project that you are seeing now.

Ludwing Romero and Valentina Lopez, La Bonbonniere Bakery

Our philosophy is simple: to make the best NY style cookies you'll ever taste, with that distinctive touch of Venezuelan pastry, without overly processed foods or unnecessary amounts of sugar. Charlotte is our new home, and we want you to feel at home too when you try our sweets. With every bite, we hope you can recall the smell of cookies that adorned your home every Christmas or those countless afternoons at your grandmother's house, enjoying the small moments of life.

Thank you for supporting this small family business that is primarily made with tons of love in every bite. We'll keep going until it's amazing.